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Last year we lost our leader and founder Jamal Edwards, MBE. It has been the hardest thing in the world to process as he was the driving force behind so much and such a bright light in all of our lives here at team SB.

Jamal had a unique connection with artists and creatives and was happiest when he was connecting and creating. His journey began locally but took him on a global adventure on the way forming unique bonds. One of these bonds was with long time friend and brother Ed Sheeran. From a tweet to a long lasting brotherhood.

With the return of the flagship series F64 Ed Sheeran kicks us off with a tribute to Jamal. At SBTV, we will continue to push and support British artists, bringing artists together in new ways. Jamal's legacy will live on through his incredible achievements, SBTV and the Jamal Edwards Self Belief Trust.

Long Live Jamal Edwards MBE, 1990 - 2022 💙

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Here's the Behind The Scenes with Jamal's sister Tanisha and Ed with the full F64 and BTS now up on the SBTV Youtube channel 💙

Behind The Scenes

'Letter To Jam' F64


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