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As much as my professional career began when I became a semi finalist and the last woman standing, in The Uk’s X Factor in 2005,  I have been singing for as long as I can remember. 

My recollection and love of music  most certainly stems from memories of my parents playing vinyl, when I was growing up! The love of music is what I believe also contributed to subsequently getting me through the tragedy of losing both of my parents in a motor accident at Christmas when I was only 4 years of age.

From that moment on, my Grandmother, Aunts and Uncles raised me and my brother Rodney. We attended a Pentecostal Gospel Church, and I am proud and honoured to have used my varied musical influences in my life to have co-penned and produced my debut album “Bring It Back” 

Music also played a huge part in giving me comfort and somewhere to lose myself, whilst going through 6 months of chemotherapy treatments, after being diagnosed with Stage 3 Breast Cancer in 2016. 

I am fortunate to have played some amazing roles in musical theatre shows such as Chicago, We Will Rock You, Carousel, and Hairspray. I am thankful for all the help I have had in getting there from my family, friends and supporters since my appearance on the X Factor.

So I want to just say thanks for literally making my dreams a reality.

I hope you enjoy my website!

Keep Smiling and Keep Rocking

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